New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep. Like any commitment, following through means taking the steps necessary to set yourself up for success. 

Part of that is having the right gear and finding the right fit.

Whether you’ve decided to train for a marathon or just want to get outside more, the wrong running shoes or apparel can make it that much more difficult to keep up with a new good habit.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, here’s a little HOKA advice on how to to gear up for the new you:

The right shoes for running a marathon


If you’re committed to training for and running a marathon this year, look into carbon-plated running shoes.

Made with a cutting-edge carbon fiber plate between the midsole and outsole, this emerging running shoe design technology combines superior cushioning and stability with minimal energy loss. That’s what makes these cutting edge running shoes perfect for those looking to extend their endurance over the course of the year.

HOKA has been in the carbon-plated running shoe game since 2019, and is celebrating the first day of the new year with the new Carbon X 2, available January 1st. 

The right shoes and apparel for getting outside more


Choosing the right gear for spending more time outdoors depends on what you mean by “getting outside more.”

If your goal is to go for regular walks or runs around the neighborhood this January, look into a trail running shoe. Trail running shoes are sturdy and durable, built with grippy rubber outsoles for a stable ride. Even if you’re not planning on hitting up a trail, added traction features offered by trail running shoes make them a good option for running in rain, snow and ice.

If “going outside” means exploring nature in all its rugged glory, then you might need something a bit more impervious to the elements than trail running shoes with breathable mesh uppers designed more to avoid water logging than keep your feet dry over prolonged stretches. Trail running shoes with GORE-TEX uppers will protect your feet from the elements, perfect for day hikes. For more difficult, technical terrain or overnight trips, try a full hiking boot for added stability.

And if you’re an accomplished trail runner or hiking enthusiast looking to raise your game in the new year with the most advanced gear available, check out HOKA TRAIL SHOES for Men & Women.

The right shoes for cross-training


Cross-training shoes should be versatile. They need to be great for most types of exercise, and wearable before and after a workout.

A lightweight, breathable running shoe is perfect for cross-training. Since they’re not meant for intense, long-distance running, these shoes can cut down on the foam while still providing superior cushioning. Add a breathable, snug-fitting upper, and you’ve got the perfect shoe for any kind of workout.

A perfect example is the Hupana Flow. Built with an engineered knit upper for breathability and a springy, responsive rubberized foam outsole, it’s a running shoe that works for just about anything. 



The right shoes for relaxing self-care


Not every resolution needs to be about pushing yourself harder. It’s just as important to give your body and mind a rest.

Start with your feet. If you’re a runner, ensuring your feet get the proper time to rest and recover is crucial. And if you’re not, there’s nothing better than wearing something comfortable.

Try on a pair of recovery sandals. The ORA recovery slide is built to aid the post-race recovery of overworked feet, whether you’ve just run an ultra marathon or not. It’s a slide with a HOKA max-cushion midsole.


Tackling a New Year’s resolution can be hard, even if you have the right tools for the job. But as long as you stick to actionable goals and keep a positive mindset, you’ll get yours done. You can do it.

Good luck and Happy New Year. It’s Time To Fly™