Hello, my name is Ce’Aira Brown. I’m a professional track athlete from Philadelphia. I am currently sponsored by HOKA, whom I’ve been with for the past six years, and I love it. I am writing this blog because I wanted to update you on my pregnancy journey.

As I am coming close to my due date (which is Nov 29!), I’m getting very anxious but also excited to meet my little bundle of joy. This pregnancy has been an absolute journey; from day one when I found out, I was shocked and also nervous. It was an Olympic year when I found out and I had to make a very hard decision. That hard decision led me into keeping my baby and embracing the moment instead of dwelling on what could’ve been if it didn’t happen. Throughout my life, I had learned that everything happens for a reason and we can’t regret and be hard on ourselves if things don’t go as planned. Having this baby is and will be a blessing in my life, he chose me to be his mommy and I’m forever grateful. I missed the Trials and a chance to make the team but that will all come back and I will be prepared for it. My pregnancy, fortunately, has been great. To experience growing a human inside of you is overwhelming but amazing at the same time. It’s crazy what the human body can do and to witness each trimester the growth of the fetus is mind blowing, and many years later I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

Now let’s get into what else I’ve been up to while pregnant. Surprisingly, I have been able to stay fit while pregnant; I thought I wouldn’t be able to maintain some type of fitness but I have. Throughout my pregnancy, I lift twice a week; nothing unbearably heavy but just enough to keep my muscles strong, so it’s not a shock to my system when I return. I was also able to run 2-4 miles (3-6km) three times a week – I know it’s nothing compared to what I usually do which is 60-65 miles (95-105km) a week, but it’s just enough to keep me going and stay healthy.

As a professional athlete who’s used to lifting heavier and running longer than 3-4 miles, I can say it’s put a toll on me mentally: I worry so much on how my body will respond once I return and how badly my teammates will drag me once I start to practice with them again. I have my ups and downs but my family helps by keeping my spirits high and I always tell myself that this is only a small setback for a major comeback. Like I stated before: everything happens for a reason. As long as I keep my focus and my sense of love and purpose for this sport, I will cut out all the negative energy and remain grounded. Lastly, everything that I do from this day forward is bigger than me now, so I’m dedicating this to my son who is and will be my biggest motivation.

To me, the importance of family means a lot. I’m very big on family and the effect they have on me as a runner and just as a normal everyday human. My family is very supportive of everything that I do. Even when I first told them about my pregnancy, they helped lift my spirits up by simply telling me everything will be okay and that they have my back and will support me 100% with whatever decision I make. Without my family I don’t know who I’d be or what I would be doing now. Having a loving support system is very important, even if it’s just one friend. Even when you think you don’t have support at all, someone or somebody supports you and that love you receive goes a long way. By saying that, I want to thank HOKA for supporting me throughout my pregnancy, even when I was scared to tell the world, HOKA had my back and welcomed me with open arms.

What about the holidays excites me? Thanksgiving and Christmas, I can say excites me very much, because you get to be around family and loved ones and enjoy a good meal together; you also get to catch up and tell stories and get up to date with everyone’s lives.

My goals for the new year as a new mom is first: get used to the new lifestyle of being a parent and giving my undivided attention to my son. Next, once I heal and can return to the track, I will slowly make my way back and get back into training like I used to.

Not sure if I shared this with you all but I am having a boy! So, excited :) #TimeToFly! 

Ce’Aira is seen wearing the Hupana Flow.