With the brand-new Anacapa, we’ve taken our cushioned support and efficient, smooth ride you know from HOKA running shoes and worked them into a premium hiking boot. Director of Hiking Product Hy Rosario walks us through the development of this all-new hiking boot, the technology incorporated, and the inspiration behind creating a hiker with you in mind.

The HOKA team is excited to introduce the Anacapa Mid GTX and Anacapa Low GTX, two new shoes that are designed to be part light hiker and part escape hatch.

But before we dive in, let’s go back in the time machine to fully understand the Anacapa story. Over ten years ago, HOKA was born when our founders sought to create a shoe that makes downhill running easier and more efficient, and took a bold, unique approach in solving that problem. Today, we still apply that problem-solving ethos to all our products with the goal of empowering all athletes to feel like they can fly. To that end, the story of the Anacapa Mid and Low GTX begins with you!

The idea for the Anacapa started with insights about your needs and desires for a more comfortable, durable, and considered gear to use on your adventures, big and small. It also evolved from the groundbreaking hiking product we’ve released recently, which combine the smooth, lightweight, cushioned ride of HOKA running footwear with the performance characteristics (including features like Vibram® Megagrip outsoles and GORE-TEX product technology) athletes demand of a hiking boot. It also utilizes learnings we gathered during the design, testing, and launch of our TenNine Hike GTX, which utilizes HUBBLE® extended-heel geometry and our SwallowTail™ split-heel feature to provide a smoother ride that is designed to reduce the impact of each step, particularly while going downhill, when the impact on the body can be greater.

📸 : Dena Robles
📸 : Dena Robles

The Anacapa is a project in which we sought to provide an even better balance of lightweight running shoe comfort and high-performance hiking technology designed for harsh terrain and variable conditions on the trail. In seeking to make it as amenable as possible to each athlete, we focused heavily on the fit characteristics, including modifying the heel shape in the women’s model and building an ergonomic heel collar designed to provide flexibility and reduce pressure on the Achilles area. We also tried to maximize durability in the upper, midsole and outsole design, so that athletes wouldn’t sacrifice comfort for lifespan, or vice-versa.

Additionally, the Anacapa Mid and Low GTX are built with recycled materials, including GORE-TEX fabric with leaf bootie, which is made with 45% recycled content by weight and features 71% recycled material in face fabric. The upper features Leather Working Group Gold certified nubuck leather, and several other upper features are built with post-consumer recycled products.

Our team has built more than just another hiker. The Anacapa Mid and Low GTX mark the fusion of HOKA DNA, hiking performance technology, and the passion of our team to take our product to new heights. (Sorry, pun intended.)

Part light hiker, part escape hatch: we built the shoe on insights from you. We considered every step of your adventure, big or small, to ensure that your HOKA hiking experience is truly epic! It’s Time to Fly™.


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