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Project Carbon X 2

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Project Carbon X 2


At the first Project Carbon X in 2019, HOKA athletes attempted the 100K world record, with some attempting to break six hours – far faster than the current mark of 6:09:14 (men’s) and 6:33:11 (women’s). Along the way, Jim Walmsley set a new 50-mile world best of 4 hours, 50 minutes and 8 seconds. Set the bar to impossible, they said; you never know how high you’ll get when you reach for it.

The men’s 100 mile world record is 6:09:14 (set by Japan’s Nao Kazami in 2018) while the women have a time of 6:33:11, which was set by Japan’s Tomoe Abe in 2000.

On Saturday, January 23, (3am Sunday, Jan 24th NZST) with an all-new update in the Carbon X 2, the bar will be set again. This is Project Carbon X 2: HOKA athletes will again take on the 100K world record from Chiba, Japan and the Phoenix, Arizona area wearing an all-new innovation from HOKA.

There will be eight women in total racing in Arizona including Canadian 50-mile record holder Catrin Jones and Camille Herron, who are genuine threats to Abe’s 20-year-old record.

The full lineups set for the race in Arizona are listed below:


Caitriona Jennings (IRE)
Camille Herron (USA)
Catrin Jones (CAN)
Carla Molinaro (UK)
Courtney Olsen (USA)
Devon Yanko (USA)
Nicole Monette (USA)
Audry Tanguy (FRA)


Tyler Andrews (USA)
Kris Brown (USA)
Fernando Cabada (USA)
Sage Canady (USA)
Dion Finocchiaro (AUS)
Tim Frericks (USA)
Hayden Hawks (USA)
Jared Hazen (USA)
Joacim Lantz (SWE)
John Lantz (SWE)
Kyle Masterson (USA)
Elov Olsson (SWE)
Rajpaul Pannu (USA)
Patrick Reagan (USA)
Peter Van Der Son (NED)
Jim Walmsley (USA)
Cole Wilson (USA)